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Online labs and activities for environmental science

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If you teach environmental science or APES (Advanced Placement Environmental Science) you may want to check out the following link:

NROC Environmental Science

The site is designed to be an online APES class and claims to cover all of the material the College Board dictates must be covered for APES.  I haven’t looked through the entire site myself, so I can’t speak for that assertion.  However, there are some neat online labs where students have to change inputs and then assess what happens, and so on.  Check it out.


Happy New Year!

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Happy New Year to all!

Here’s a news snippet to start off the new year in a sciencey fashion:

An Air New Zealand Boeing 747 flew for two hours on Dec. 30 with one of its four engines powered by a 50-50 mixture of jet fuel and jatropha oil, the airline said in a statement…Jatropha is a plant that grows up to three metres and produces inedible fruits, which contain the oil.

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Obama names picks for top science posts

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John Holdren (physicist) and Jane Lubchenco (marine biologist)  have been named to top science posts by president-elect Barack Obama.  Both are considered to be experts on climate change. 

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Carl Sagan on preserving the pale blue dot

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A nicely done You Tube presentation of Carl Sagan speaking about the earth.

Hydrogen economy on the way?

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Scientific American recently reported on some breakthroughs in developing hydrogen fuel cells.  As many people are aware, hydrogen can be used as an alternative fuel and has been researched for years, but so far it has not proven to be cost-effective. 

Due to some recent breakthroughs in research, hydrogen power may be closer than we think.

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