Archaeopteryx–icon of evolution



If you are in the Houston area, come on down to the Houston Museum of Natural Science to check out the archaeopteryx exhibit.  Running until September 6, 2010, this exhibit will “present some of the finest known fossils from the late Jurassic period showing life at the time of these first birds. Fossils from the world renowned quarries of Solenhofen, Germany, will be featured.”

Click here for more info including ticket prices.


One Response to “Archaeopteryx–icon of evolution”

  1. Hi there! Thanks for posting about our Archaeopteryx exhibit! I thought you might be interested to know about an upcoming online discussion we’re hosting with paleontologist Pete Larson. He’s doing to be taking questions on his research into the Thermopolis specimen we have on display in this exhibit. There’s more information about the event – and a video walk through of the exhibit with Pete – on the HMNS blog:

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