Response to “10 questions to ask your biology teacher”

*Update: I commented on the post I’ve linked to below.  The comment did not show up.  I commented again asking why my previous comment wasn’t posted, but that one hasn’t appeared either.  Oh well.

As a biology teacher, naturally this post piqued my interest.

With a little bit of searching, I found that these “questions” seem to be regurgitations from Jonathan Wells’ Icons of Evolution, a book stating that some of the best-known evidences for evolution are fraudulent. 

Thankfully, someone has already done the work for us in refuting these “questions” aimed at disproving evolutionary theory in the classroom.

Each question is discussed in some detail on Talk Origins.  You can read about it here.


9 Responses to “Response to “10 questions to ask your biology teacher””

  1. Nice blog, and thanks for commenting Logical Science. Would it be alright if I added your blog to the links section on mine?

  2. Sure…could you reply with your link? It’s not not in the previous comment. Thanks!

  3. […] And so on.  Through these searches people are visiting the following post of mine, Response to “10 Questions to Ask Your Biology Teacher”. […]

  4. […] in Daily life, Science tagged evolution at 10:01 am by LeisureGuy Airtightnoodle has a good post that provides a link to this page: a detailed takedown of an anti-evolution book that, alas, […]

  5. hey alrightnoodle — great posting — are you a teacher yourself? I read your blog as a student in los angeles (im 13). I’m a political guy –( there’s my blog — but if your interested I know a kid who has a biology blog — I’ll contact him for the address.


  6. Yes, I am a teacher. Thanks for visiting.

  7. Gatecrasher Says:

    Dam. It seems that Wells has rebutted the rebuttals in some detail.

  8. Wells didn’t rebut the rebuttals in some detail. He responded to one concise rebuttal from the NCSE.

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