Very interesting blog stat…

I visited WordPress today for the first time in many days.  With the school year starting soon, I’ve been extremely busy. 

Since I haven’t posted anything regularly in a while, naturally I didn’t expect to have many visitors to the blog.  Indeed, for the past several days the average has been pretty low, well under 100 per day. 

To my surprise, however, I noticed that today I have had 415 visitors so far!  This piqued my interest, of course.  Why, I wondered, are there so many hits today?  What are people so interested in?

Looking at my dashboard blog stats in WordPress reveals that there have been MANY search engine searches involving the following:

ten questions to ask your biology teacher
10 questions to ask your biology teacher
10 questions to ask your teacher about evolution
ten questions to ask biologists
10 questions biology teacher

And so on.  Through these searches people are visiting the following post of mine, Response to “10 Questions to Ask Your Biology Teacher”.

My guess is that with the school year starting, a lot of nervous religious (primarily Christian) parents are preparing for their children to take biology.  Perhaps some of the searches are even being done by the children themselves. 

Has anyone else with blogs similar to mine experienced such tremendous growth on related issues recently?

And just in the time it took me to type this, the visits have gone up to 439!  Interesting.


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