Venting about judging

So often one reads (or hears first-hand) cutting remarks against Christians. These usually deal with how judgmental Christians can be, how they should stop proselytizing and mind their own business, how hypocritical they are, etc.

Of course, sadly, Christians often bring this on themselves. Christians CAN be judgmental. Christians CAN be nosey and hypocritical. Why should this come as any surprise? We’re humans. We’re sinful. We’re not perfect.

That being the case, I’m still a little irked at some of the comments I’ve received since starting this blog, either via the blog itself or via email (how some of these people have even gotten my email address, I’m just not sure).

I’ve been referred to as an atheist, a former “Christian” (yes, once even in quotes–insinuating maybe I wasn’t really a TRUE Christian before and definitely insinuating I’m not a Christian NOW), etc. I’ve been told I don’t know what creationists teach, what intelligent design really means, that evolution is of the devil, etc.

I haven’t had anyone tell me they are praying for me and/or my lost soul yet, though. When I do I might celebrate, because I think that probably counts as some sort of milestone.

Have any of these people taken the time to look at some of my past posts or taken the time to ask me personally just exactly what my religious beliefs are? If so, surely these people would have seen this (emphasis added in bold):

To sum up some of my beliefs (some of which are not static, mind you), I’m a conservative Christian with a degree in Biology who sees no problem in using and accepting current scientific theories (as in, evolution) and adhering to a system of faith. As a high school Biology teacher, I also have a strong interest in the state of education in America, especially regarding the teaching of science.

To quote Servant from Servant’s Thoughts:

I also take the Bible very seriously and believe everything it says. I also don’t doubt God. I affirm the Nicene Creed and hold to what most would consider to be an orthodox Christian belief. I am a card carrying, Sunday attending, Bible reading, praying, crispy Christian. The devil has not taken over my mind.

The same applies to me.

Now, I am as guilty of being judgmental as the next person. But personally, I’ve just had it up to here this week with some comments on my blog, other blogs, email, family members, etc., and thus I feel the need to vent. Stop judging someone’s standing with the Lord based on something that really has nothing to do with what Jesus did on the cross. Jesus and I are A-ok with each other at the moment; at least, we are as ok as Him and the next Christian.

I may not agree with you on how God created. I may not agree with you on the sacraments. I may not agree with you about praying to saints, when someone should be baptized, what speaking in tongues really refers to, when or if the rapture will occur, etc. If my viewpoints on those issues differ from yours and you choose to conclude that I can’t possibly be a Christian, then go ahead. The Father knows where I stand, and that is what is ultimately important. But keep this in mind: that sort of attitude when displayed toward non-believers will only serve to push them further away from Christianity. And what a shame that is.

Ok.  Venting done.  🙂


One Response to “Venting about judging”

  1. Excellent point and absolutely right. I’m pretty sure I’m guilty, too. 🙂 Maybe you can produce a bit of godly sorrow in those of us who have spoken too soon in the past, and thus help us produce a bit of righteousness too! Good stuff.

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