Texas State Board of Education…science curriculum update

The following info is from STAT (Science Teachers Association of Texas):

STAT President Mike Baldwin attended both the Public Education Committee meeting on July 16 and the State Board of Education meeting the 17th to discuss the revisions of the science curriculum.

In light of the English Language Arts TEKS adoption process, several science educators, including STAT President Mike Baldwin and Past-President Kevin Fisher, testified about the importance of involving science educators to develop quality standards for science.  Testimony stressed the need for a superior and transparent process that provides sufficient time and review necessary for developing a quality product.  STAT’s concern is that some SBOE members will try to indirectly diminish the quality of the science standards by diluting or discouraging the coverage of important science topics such as scientific inquiry, historical geology, and evolution.

You may read President Baldwin’s report on the meetings.

Public Education Committee meeting: http://www.statweb.org/news/7.16meeting.php.

State Board of Education meeting: http://www.statweb.org/news/7.17meeting.php.

Educators interested in the Public Education Committee meeting can view this meeting online at: http://www.house.state.tx.us/committees/broadcasts.php?session=80&committeeCode=400

under the 07/16/08, 9:10 AM – 2:35 AM broadcast.



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