“Expelled”–a fair treatment of the issue?

The basic premise of the film is that “rebel” scientists who question evolutionary theory are mistreated–fired, denied tenure, shunned, laughed at, etc.

As previously noted in this blog and others, where is the mention of Christian scientists who DO support evolutionary theory, like Francis Collins and Kenneth Miller?

It seems the movie isn’t really being very even-handed at all, though this exactly what the producers say they are trying to promote–fairness.

Also, does the movie include any mention of how Christians who do not believe in evolution treat evolutionists in a like manner?

Apparently not, according to this write-up:

One case the documentary doesn’t cover is that of Richard Colling, a professor at Olivet Nazarene University whose book about reconciling belief in God and evolution led the Christian institution to bar him from teaching general biology.

You can read the rest of the article here.

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One Response to ““Expelled”–a fair treatment of the issue?”

  1. The trouble is, whenever I see (on either side…or on any of several sides) is that, even if one side doesn’t play fair, the other side is expected to. Does that make the *other* side more virtuous, even though they may lose the argument because they play fair? (Yes, that has happened. No, perfect justice doesn’t always happen.)

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