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Creationism (a.k.a. zombie science)

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Glenn Branch of the National Center for Science Education recently wrote an article entitled “Zombie Jamboree in Texas” in which he compares the creationist movement to such zombie flicks as “Dawn of the Dead”.

As humorous as this might seem, Branch’s article clearly points out why this issue is so important–and why the outcome in Texas is important for the nation as a whole.

Three creationists were just appointed to a six-member committee to review a draft set of Texas state biology standards, which determine what is taught in Texas’s public school science classrooms and the content of the biology textbooks approved for use in the state. And since Texas is one of the largest textbook markets in the country, what happens to textbooks there is relevant to the content of textbooks everywhere.

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When voting on Tuesday, don’t forget about voting for the State Board of Education!

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Here is an article about the candidates running in my area, district 8, for Texas State Board of Education. 

Note that the incumbent, Barbara Cargill, advocates “teaching the controversy”.

Texas State Board of Education…science curriculum update

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The following info is from STAT (Science Teachers Association of Texas):

STAT President Mike Baldwin attended both the Public Education Committee meeting on July 16 and the State Board of Education meeting the 17th to discuss the revisions of the science curriculum.

In light of the English Language Arts TEKS adoption process, several science educators, including STAT President Mike Baldwin and Past-President Kevin Fisher, testified about the importance of involving science educators to develop quality standards for science.  Testimony stressed the need for a superior and transparent process that provides sufficient time and review necessary for developing a quality product.  STAT’s concern is that some SBOE members will try to indirectly diminish the quality of the science standards by diluting or discouraging the coverage of important science topics such as scientific inquiry, historical geology, and evolution.

You may read President Baldwin’s report on the meetings.

Public Education Committee meeting:

State Board of Education meeting:

Educators interested in the Public Education Committee meeting can view this meeting online at:

under the 07/16/08, 9:10 AM – 2:35 AM broadcast.


Science standards revision time! Get ready, Texans!

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The Texas State Board of Education is getting ready to revise the science TEKS (for those out of state: Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills; basically, the science education standards for the state).  The following comes from the TABT (Texas Association of Biology Teachers).  A similar statement has been released by STAT (Science Teachers Association of Texas).

In an unprecedented move in the last round of English Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) updates, the State Board of Education (SBOE) rejected three years of revision work completed by highly competent Texas English teachers. At the last minute, the SBOE substituted and approved a substitute document submitted by a few members of the SBOE. Please let your SBOE member and state legislature know that you are concerned with any efforts to ignore the revision work of the Texas science teachers.

TABT members are urged to contact their SBOE member and ask for support for quality science education before the July 17 SBOE meeting. At this meeting, the timeline for the revision of the Science TEKS will be established.  For information on how to contact your SBOE member for your district, go directly to TEA at

From STAT (science teachers association of Texas)

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A recent email from STAT:

The State Board of Education Looks to Revise the Science Curriculum

We need you to get involved!

The Texas Education Agency is working on a Science TEKS proposal to send to the State Board of Education. On July 17-18, they are presenting “suggestions from the staff regarding timelines for a general process [which] will be presented to the board for consideration.”

On May 22nd, an English/ Language Arts/ Reading TEKS was passed that contained none of the revisions that educators proposed. This cannot be allowed to happen to our science curriculum. That is why we need your help to keep science in the classroom. We need warm bodies in the meeting in July to show that we mean business.

Please read this article and be prepared:

The SBOE is meeting here at the following dates starting at 9:00AM:

Texas Education Agency
1701 N Congress Ave.
Austin, TX 78701

July 17-18, 2008
September 18-19, 2008
November 20-21, 2008