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Lock all the evolutionists up!

Posted in Evolution with tags , , , , , , , , on August 24, 2008 by airtightnoodle

When one doesn’t visit the blogging world in several days, then one is often surprised to see what has happened during that time.

Apparently I missed quite a bit of good drama.

Via Playing Chess with Pigeons and Pharyngula I came across an article written by a creationist named Tom Willis.  Now, I’m not one to usually throw adjectives like “crazy”, “kook”, and “nutjob” around, but others have already done so in reference to Willis, and I’d be hardpressed to reject those descriptions after reading Willis’ latest article.

To sum up, Willis believe that evolutionists (all of them, apparently–it doesn’t matter what religious affiliation they may have) are ignorant, insane (even criminally so), socialist, etc.  Furthermore, evolutionists are doomed to be put to death by followers of the Antichrist.  In the meantime, however, Willis finds it entertaining to dream about what should be done with evolutionists before their unavoidable demise. 

Willis’ ideas include:

Putting them in labor camps.
Forcing them to wear placards around their necks.
Force them to reject evolutionary theory.

It’s quite entertaining.  In all honesty, it would make a wonderful satirical piece (think: “The Onion”), but since it doesn’t appear to be satirical, it’s just frightening.