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Posted in Evolution with tags , , , , , on March 17, 2008 by airtightnoodle

While perusing other blogs, I came across an interesting one located here.  The author basically interviewed an evolutionist and trapped them into admitting evolution is racist by nature.

While the blogger seemed very nice and responded very politely to another poster that took issue with the post, I couldn’t let it go myself and had to add my two cents:

Interesting read…but I fail to see how this shows evolution is inherently racist or that Darwin was a racist. Further, I fail to see how this demonstrates that evolutionary theory is false.

The mention of “favoured races” in the title refers to variations within species. It does not imply racism. If you’ve read the book, surely you noticed that the book hardly mentions humans at all.

Though I’m sure Darwin was similar in many ways to his contemporaries (viewing those of European descent as superior to those of, say, African descent), he was actually quite liberal and was opposed to slavery.

I think “Talk Origins” says it well: Genetic studies show that humans are remarkably homogeneous genetically, so all humans are only one biological race. Evolution does not teach racism; it teaches the very opposite.

In any case, the title of the book is irrelevant to the facts of science.


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