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Now you, too, can teach your children the truth about dinosaurs!

Posted in Education, Evolution with tags , , , , , , , , on November 17, 2008 by airtightnoodle
The truth shall set you free

The truth shall set you free

I am almost at a loss for what to type in this post as I am truly in amazement at what I just read.

I know I should not be surprised, yet I am.

According to this blog post, a new children’s book has hit the market entitled “Dinosaurs: Stars of the Show”.  It is written by Amie Zordel, a homeschooling mom who is apparently an AiG sympathizer (no, that’s not the AIG of the recent bailout…it’s Answers in Genesis).  The publisher is New Leaf Publishing Group.

It is apparent from reading the interview at the blog that Zordel has a problem teaching her children anything other than the strictest creationist interpretation of the bible, the age of the earth, and the origin of species. 

As we [Zordel and her daughter] watched the show and went over each false teaching, it occurred to me that we didn’t have a book that we could grab and read together that focused on these particular issues. And then, the idea was born.

Cha-ching!  Cha-ching!

The book is meant to help adults teach their children the errors of evolution versus creation science.  Zordel states that there were three main points she wanted to combat in the book:

First, dinosaurs are millions of years old. Second, they evolved from noting; and lastly, that dinosaurs did not roam the earth with man. I used three Scripture references to refute each of these main points. Genesis 1:1 states “God created.” Job 40:15 says behemoth was made with man. And finally, Luke 3 gives a list of geneologies that adds up to several thousand years, not millions. These truths from Scripture are simple enough for kids, but are solid enough for adults to learn from, as well.

First of all, who teaches that dinosaurs evolved from “nothing”?  No one I know says this.  Secondly, yes, dinosaur fossils ARE millions of years old, according to many different lines of testing.  Furthermore, according to such dating methods and other lines of evidence, dinosaurs could not (and did not) roam earth alongside man.  Unfortunately for Zordel, her scripture references really do not help her make her points.  Saying “God created” does not say anything about how or when God created.  The behemoth is not necessarily a reference to dinosaurs–in fact, most bible commentaries I’ve read do not describe it as such.  The genealogies in Luke, like other genealogies in the bible, are disputable for several reasons, but even if we take the genealogies in Luke in the most straightforward way possible, it only goes back to Adam.  The passage in Luke says nothing about what may or may not have happened before Adam or how long such a time period lasted.

Zordel contends that:

Knowing the truth about creation helps to build a strong foundation for the faith our children have in God. If they can’t trust what the Bible says in Genesis, they may more easily reject the rest of God’s Word.

What IS dangerous to faith is teaching your children that it is incompatible with evolution.  It seems to me that Ms. Zordel could learn a thing or two from another homeschooling mom, Rebecca Trotter.