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Ben Stein on Hannity and Colmes

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**update– Colmes even linked to this little post of mine at his blog, Liberal Land. It’s only polite to reciprocate, right? Also I just felt like tooting my own horn. :)**

Want to watch an absolutely ridiculous interview with Stein on Hannity and Colmes, full of fallacies and straw man arguments?

Then look no further and feel free to pick it apart in the comments. 🙂

A few comments of my own:

Stein states, “Darwinism gave the rationale for the Holocaust”.

Colmes (who typically gets on my nerves but kudos to him today for putting the smack-down on Stein) then makes it clear that evolutionists do not think this way and do not use evolution to justify things like the Holocaust. He calls Stein out on the movie trying to make a connection between the two.

Stein then DENIES that the film is trying to imply that “Darwinism” leads to things like the Holocaust! He accuses Colmes of coming up with that implication all on his own (to which Colmes replies, “that’s the impression I got from watching the movie”. Ha!) Colmes asks, “Then why even bring it up?”

And Stein says, “because Hitler was a lineal descendant of Darwin”.

WHAT? I don’t even know if that’s true, but even if it is…SO WHAT?

Stein says later, “There’s no evidence that Darwin had anything useful to say or even anything to say period about how life began.” That doesn’t make evolution false. He goes on to say that Darwin had nothing to say about how physics began, how gravity began, how thermodynamics began, etc. WELL OF COURSE HE DIDN’T. Why would he? Stein continues to perpetuate the false dichotomy that one must either believe in an intelligent designer (God) OR believe in evolution.

Stein says, “There’s no reason to believe there wasn’t an intelligent designer”.

There’s also no SCIENTIFIC reason to believe there was one, either.

“To be an atheist, don’t you have to believe that something comes from nothing?” asks Hannity. Again, this has nothing to do with evolutionary theory.

Stein concludes by saying, “People took our God away from us and gave us Darwinism”. No one took anything away from you. You are still, as always in America, allowed to believe in whatever you choose.

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