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What a week!!! Hurricane Ike really did a number here.

Posted in Texas with tags , , , , , , , , , , , on September 18, 2008 by airtightnoodle

This is the first time I’ve been able to get online in nearly a week.

As I’m sure you all know, Hurricane Ike came rolling (or rampaging) into Texas last Saturday.  Work was cancelled last Friday to prepare for the storm.

Guess what.

Work was cancelled ALL THIS WEEK as well.

So here’s basically what I’ve been doing for the past week:

Saturday: Wake up in middle of night, power goes out around 2 a.m., watch trees whipping violently back and forth behind the fence, praying they don’t crash into the house (they didn’t–no damage to our property thankfully).

Sunday: Still no power!  I mean, no power ANYWHERE in the area.  Husband and I traveled nearly 2 hours to College Station to buy a generator (husband works from home, so power is pretty important).  Stop at every gas station, auto parts store, Walmart, etc, looking for gas cans.  Finally find some at a Home Depot.  Then stop at every gas station looking for gas.  Don’t get gas until after 8 p.m.  Husband gets generator running near 9 p.m.  YAY!  We now have a tv to watch and cool fridges.  Still no cable, hence, no internet.

Monday, Tuesday: None of the schools in my district have power.  School is cancelled the rest of the week.  I eat, sleep, read…put down my summer decorations, put out my fall decorations.  Rake the yard.  Husband tries to clean out the pool.  He literally brings the rake into the pool to rake out pine branches.  My throat starts to feel funny–kind of thick, but not hurting.  My parents stop by, our realtor stops by, neighbors come by…we’re very popular today.

Wednesday: Ok, now my throat hurts.  It feels very swollen.  And have I mentioned yet on here that I’m also pregnant and in my first trimester so, of course, nauseous all the time?  Almost done with first trimester though.  Start coughing up green stuff.  Call the OBGYN.  OBGYN calls me in azithromycin.  Now I have the task of finding an open pharmacy somewhere in the area!  Find one about 30 minutes away.  Phew.  Go home (still no power), take the first dose, take some mucinex, sleep, eat, sleep, eat, cough, cough, throw up, sleep, eat, cough, cough, cough…can’t sleep…

Thursday: Cough, throw up, cough, eat, sleep, take next dose of antibiotics, take mucinex, cough, cough, eat, sleep, sleep…hey, still no power.  But at least husband can get online for work because he bought one of the devices from Verizon that you plug into your laptop to give you connectivity…which is how I’m online right now.  School is planning on opening on Monday, but only if they get power restored tomorrow.  We’ll see.

Well, that’s about all for now.  It’s been pretty boring here, and it sucks being sick, but overall we were very blessed.  We had no damage to our home; a few trees that we planted in the yard are probably destroyed.  Some of our neighbors weren’t so lucky.  My family in the area was pretty lucky, too, except for one of my sisters who received a little roof damage which led to a leak, but it’s patched up already.

I hope everyone else that was in the path of Ike has fared as well as we have!