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Floridians! Stand up for science!

Posted in Education, Evolution with tags , , , , on April 29, 2008 by airtightnoodle

From the Miami Herald today:

A bill designed to give teachers the go-ahead to poke holes in the theory of evolution passed the Florida House on a party-line vote Monday…

…”That’s a fancy way of saying it allows the teachers, without fear, to expose the holes in the scientific theory of evolution,” said bill sponsor and Republican Rep. Alan Hays, R-Umatilla. “No fossils have been found and no witness has ever seen one species turn into another. This is only a theory.”…

The entire article may be read here.

Typical creationist arguments…simply deny, deny, deny the evidence of evolution, even when a mountain of evidence is staring you in the face. Then change the meaning of the word “theory”. Then act like evolutionists discriminate against those who disagree with them.

Stand up for science. Tell Florida how you feel. We need to protect science education. Contact information for Rep. Hays can be found here. Tell him how you feel!

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