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A Few Questions to Ask Creationists/ID proponents

Posted in Evolution with tags , , , on June 9, 2008 by airtightnoodle

A work in progress…

Why do many different dating methods agree, pointing to an old earth and life on earth for a long time? For example: relative dating, radioactive dating, incremental dating such as using tree rings and ice cores, etc. Dating methods are based on distinct fields (archaeology, astronomy, biology, chemistry, geology, physics), yet they all seem to arrive at similar dates.

Why does the distribution of fossils appear to be chronological? For instance, why are fossils of flowering plants only found in higher levels of the fossil record?

How do you explain the present distribution of certain animals? For example, marsupials (like the kangaroo) are found in Australia, but marsupials are absent from Africa and the only marsupials in North and South America are oppossums. Monotremes (egg-laying mammals) are only found in Australia. Furthermore, Australia has very few placental mammals. Yet Australia occupies the same latitude as South America and Africa.

How do you explain genetic differences between species? Why do humans and chimpanzees have such similarity in their genomes yet humans have many more differences between themselves and, say, elephants?

Do you have any evidence that species cannot evolve beyond “kinds” ? And please, define “kinds”.

Some of these are the same questions Charles Darwin faced with the observations he made. Discoveries from other fields since Darwin, fields he perhaps never even dreamed of, seem to have confirmed his ideas. What other explanation could there be for these observations from these diverse fields which all seem to confirm one another?