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Late to the party: the Conservapedia dialogue between Lenski and Schlafly

Posted in Evolution with tags , , , , , , on June 25, 2008 by airtightnoodle

The gist of the story:

Andy Schlafly at Conservapedia has been demanding to see the data from Richard Lenski’s work on the evolution of E. coli, despite the fact that Schlafly doesn’t have the background to understand it. What exactly would he do with this data if he got it, anyway?

The back and forth between Schlafly and Lenski can be read at this Conservapedia page. It is highly entertaining, in my opinion.

I particularly enjoyed this bit from Lenski’s latest response:

I find it baffling, however, that someone can worship God as the all-mighty Creator while, at the same time, denying even the possibility (not to mention the overwhelming evidence) that God’s Creation involved evolution. It is as though a person thinks that God must have the same limitations when it comes to creation as a person who is unable to understand, or even attempt to understand, the world in which we live. Isn’t that view insulting to God?


A Candid World blog gives a nice summary of how particularly nasty Schlafly’s gambit is. You can read it here.