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“90 Minutes in Heaven” or “90 Minutes of Delusion”?

Posted in Don Piper with tags , , , , , , , , , on May 26, 2008 by airtightnoodle

Don Piper, a minister from Texas, has written a book titled “90 Minutes in Heaven”. His story is basically thus: several years ago he was hit by a truck and pronounced dead. He went to heaven (stayed there about 90 minutes earth-time), but he was then sent back.

Several weeks ago at Fellowship of the Woodlands, a church north of Houston, an interview with Don Piper was played on the video screens. I must admit that I have not read the actual book yet; however, I do recall Don Piper saying in the interview that he never actually saw or met Jesus during his heavenly visitation.

This past weekend, Don Piper actually preached at Fellowship of the Woodlands. He restated many of the things he had mentioned in the previous interview, such as when he reached heaven he was greeted by people who had helped lead him to Jesus during his life. He said they all looked good (as in, happy, no sickness, no frailty, etc). He then said that, in fact, the only person bearing any scars was Jesus, to demonstrate what he did on earth for us.

The way it was worded certainly implied, in my opinion, that he saw Jesus during his visitation. Yet he clearly has stated before that he did not. According to one website located here, Piper only mentions Jesus three times in the book.

Perhaps Piper needs to rehearse his story just a wee bit more and work out the kinks…

Tim Challies offers a thought-provoking review of the book here.

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