12 Examples of Evolution

To prepare for Charles Darwin’s 200th birthday the editors of Nature put together a list of examples of evolution.  Check out the article from Wired that details these examples–and it includes very nice photos, too!

9 Responses to “12 Examples of Evolution”

  1. Roy Sites Says:

    Gee!! Let’s see:
    1] Micro-Evolution (minor changes within a species)
    2] More Micro-Evolution
    3] More Micro-Evolution
    4] Might, could, maybe waffle words
    But NO Macro-Evolution. Surprise, Surprise

  2. The intelligence of your argument has stunned me. Truly, my lower jaw has lost all function as it now lies helpless on the floor.

  3. Roy Sites Says:

    Better be careful or you will evolve into a new slack jawed human.

  4. Roy Sites Says:

    At least they left the really stupid horse example out.

  5. Roy Sites Says:

    One request — as a believer in Darwinian Evolution please explain the routinely found epigenetic inheritance rather than the predicted adaptation.

  6. Roy, I find a couple of things about your request disturbing. First, by calling me a “believer in Darwinian Evolution” you seem to imply that I believe that Darwin is the end all, be all for evolution, when it is commonly known that science has learned much about evolution since Darwin.

    Next, you should clarify what you mean by epigenetic inheritance being “routinely” found.

    It would seem that by phrasing your request in such a manner that you are attempting to imply that evolution cannot account for epigenetic inheritance, and therefore, epigenetics just might help prove creationism to be true.

    Epigenetics is a very interesting and exciting field, but nothing in this area overturns the basic conclusions of evolutionary theory–at least, not presently.

  7. Roy Sites Says:

    It would be nice for you to explain then what your theory of evolution might be since it appears that you agree that Darwinism has been falsified.

  8. Nice try, Roy. If you’re having a hard time comprehending me, I suggest you reread what I’ve written.

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