Georgia, like Texas, faces the “teach both sides” dilemma

Several candidates that support teaching creationism are running for the Cobb board of education in Georgia. 

Some of you may recall that in in 2002, Cobb school board members voted to put evolution disclaimers in science textbooks (which was judged unconstitutional by a federal judge).

Republican David Banks was quoted as saying:

“To teach evolution is to teach a scientific theory. A theory is not a fact and is often discarded as being wrong. So far, evolution is not a fact. Most people believe in creation by a deity which again is a theory, not a provable fact, but one that most people do accept as a fact. To ignore the belief of a vast majority of the people and refuse to teach creationism is an affront to the belief system that most of the community holds,” Banks said.

Ah, the typical “it’s only a theory” argument.  Well, Banks, if that’s the case, we need to also be teaching alternate theories to explain thermodynamics and gravity!  And by the way…please do educate yourself on what a “theory” is in a scientific sense.

You may read more about these races here.

Don’t forget to vote tomorrow!  🙂

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