Share your comments on the Texas science standards

As mentioned on my blog already, the first draft of science TEKS has been posted online.  Now you can share your comments on the TEKS. 

The comment forms for the first draft of the proposed Science TEKS have been posted at

The Science TEKS Review Committees will meet at the end of October and begin reviewing comments.

The end of October is here.  So go read the TEKS and post your comments NOW!


One Response to “Share your comments on the Texas science standards”

  1. Good idea, I have sent my recommendations in already! The comment forum cannot be saved if it’s filled out. Even when you save it to your hard drive first, and then trying to fill it out, it still will wipe out the information if filled out and then saved. So fill it out, print it out, and scan it back in, e-mail to proper e-mail address and your set to go…

    Don’t you love America? This is fun!

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