Phew…lots of blogging tonight

Tonight I have given my best shot with a limited time frame at addressing several issues I have been wanting to address on my blog for some time.  I have mentioned on several blogs recently that I would be addressing some of these issues. 

Unfortunately, due to the huge amount of work I have to do, I can’t say that I’ve done justice to any of the topics entirely.  Thus it is likely that they will be revised and updated in the future.  Please keep this in mind when reading.

You  may also notice several references to Eric Kemp’s blog while reading.  This is not to “pick on” Eric.  Rather, as anyone who visits his blog already knows, several of these topics were addressed at his blog recently, and I had mentioned there that I would be writing about some of these things on my own blog.

Things I still want to cover in some detail in the near future for those who are interested (a list in progress):

  • The cosmology, cosmogony, and intent of the Genesis creation account

Please keep in mind that I do not often get to check for comments on my blog.  My blogging often comes in spurts; I can devote hours or days to it and then not be able to check it for a week.  Thus it is possible that your comments may not show up for several days because I may not be able to moderate for many days.  Please be patient.  🙂


3 Responses to “Phew…lots of blogging tonight”

  1. Lot’s of blogging indeed. Thanks for taking the time to work through some objections.

  2. There’s a pretty good blog on the firmament done at “Finitum Non Capax Infiniti: Faith Seeking Understanding.” Here’s the address:

    Sorry about the lengthy url. I’m not sure how to link inside a comment.

  3. One can understand a limited time frame. I think you really like to pick on Eric! lol…Nah, not really. Blogs can be fun too, even with sensitive issues. You get to meet all sorts of people, you get to write your own thoughts down, and people respond sometimes. Happy Blogging!!!

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