Decision 2008: Their views on evolution

The Curmudgeon gives an excellent and concise breakdown of both McCain’s and Obama’s views on evolution and teaching intelligent design/creationism in school.

Barack Obama and John McCain

Barack Obama and John McCain

To sum up: both candidates claim to “believe” in evolution and are opposed to teaching intelligent design/creationism in science class.  Of course, there’s a little more to it that that.

Go here to read the rest.


3 Responses to “Decision 2008: Their views on evolution”

  1. good post about a policy that really important — I am thirteen.

  2. Usually the teaching science controversy happens more on the local level than on the national level. Bush believes in creationism, and how many schools teach it as a result of Bush? None that I can think of…

  3. thebibleistheotherside:

    Of course a president may espouse many views that in the long run may have no effect on the country at all. Regardless, it does matter what the presidential candidates think on the issue. Do not forget that it is the duty of the president to appoint federal judges.

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