No work today! And some gasoline drama…

The gulf coast/east Texas regions are preparing for Hurricane Ike–thus, no school today!  A little break is always nice, of course, but let’s pray everyone stays safe this weekend.

Yesterday after work I needed to stop to get gas.  Of course, everyone else in the area needed gas, too.  This sort of crisis can really bring out the worst in people, unfortunately.  Naturally, I had to wait in line to get gas at the gas station, as several of their pumps were shut down (I’m assuming they ran out of gas).  Many people in front of me in line were angry as they got nearer and discovered the station only had regular unleaded gas (fortunately, that’s what I use anyway). 

A few drivers made the mistake of coming down the road the opposite way, trying to “cut” in front of several cars.  That’s when people get vicious.  I’m sure you can imagine the honks, the hand gestures, the yells, etc.

While I certainly didn’t want to have to wait for one MORE car in front of me, I have to admit mostly I found it humorous.  The lady in front of me was making a total fool of herself with the obscene things she was shouting and gesturing. 

At one point, a white van full of Hispanic workers crossed the street from a business across the street into the gas station’s parking lot–they just appeared to “gun it” across the road.  Oh, it was ON, then.  “Get at the end of the line, or I’ll kick your ass!” Yes, that is an actual quote from the lady waiting in front of me.  If she had waited two seconds, she would have seen that the van didn’t NEED gas.  They simply were going into the store.

Oh well.  I guess tensions are running high and these sorts of things are to be expected. 

In any case, be safe, coastal residents!


One Response to “No work today! And some gasoline drama…”

  1. i pray all goes well and that the storm doesnt leave too much if any damage…its already passed my folks in the bahamas…so hang in there

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