Chris Comer files lawsuit against Texas Education Agency

Chris ComerLast year, Chris Comer, who had been director of the TEA for about 10 years, was fired after forwarding an email someone had sent her about a lecture being given by Barbara Forrest that was critical of teaching intelligent design.

Now she’s filing a lawsuit against TEA.  According to the Dallas Morning News:

Her lawsuit seeks a court order overturning the TEA’s neutrality policy on teaching of creationism and declaring that her dismissal was unconstitutional. The suit also seeks her reinstatement to her old job.

Maybe this is one of those cases such a neutral film like Crossroads Expelled should have included.  It’s all about fairness, and teaching both sides, after all.

It should be interesting to see what happens.

You can also read Comer’s lawsuit here.


5 Responses to “Chris Comer files lawsuit against Texas Education Agency”

  1. Stacy S. Says:

    You go get em’ girl! 🙂

  2. The exhibits suggest she couldn’t sneeze without bureaucratic approval. I hope she wins the case.

  3. i commend chris commer. my prayers are with you… (from a theistic evolutionist)

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  5. Jeff Wagner Says:


    If you do not like the idea of “freedom of religion, freedom from religion” go live in Iran. This is America. Love it or leave it. Creationist have no faith. I will not tolerate creationist/atheist views being thought in our public schools. I am truly sorry that evangelical can not believe in God, but that does not mean we should teach their fairy tails in our public schools to make them feel better.

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