Contact LA governor about science education

The Louisiana Coalition for Science has posted their open letter to Governor Jindal on their website here. You can use this letter as a resource for drafting your own. You can email Governor Jindal at this site.

Though I am not a citizen of the state of Louisiana, I emailed Governor Jindal as well. Here is the text of my letter (feel free to adapt for your own purposes if you’d like):

Dear Governor Jindal:

As a concerned citizen in one of your neighboring states, I implore you to heed the letter sent to you recently regarding SB 733 from the LA Coalition for Science ( As a religious person and science teacher myself, I stand in agreement with the concerns that this legislation is deceptively seeking ways to bring non-scientific ideas into science classrooms.

I am sure you are in agreement with me that students in our country need a strong background in science. Supporting legislation aimed at teaching the “weaknesses” of theories will not lead to a strong background. To be sure, teachers needs to be showing students how to think for themselves, but at the same time we must provide them with a solid foundation of the facts as we currently know them.

Already creationist/intelligent design groups are trumpeting this bill as a victory for their agendas; they aim to use it to slide their own ideas into our science classrooms, even though their ideas are not scientific. This controversy is not a scientific controversy, but a political and religious one.

I pray you demonstrate your commitment to improving our students’ education by vetoing SB 733.


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