Tree grown from 2000 year old seed

A date palm has been grown in Israel from a 2000 year old seed, making it the oldest seed known to have sprouted and grown. Dr. Sallon, of the Louis L. Brock Natural Medicine Research Center, is hoping it will replace the extinct Judean date palm.

The tree’s name? Methuselah.

Cute! I love it!

Full story here.


One Response to “Tree grown from 2000 year old seed”

  1. I came across your post about Dr. Sallon’s Methuselah. I have written a novel that deals with dormant seed viability and have been in contact with Dr. Sallon. If you are interested in reading how her work related to my fiction, I invite you to a new page I put up on my website:

    To me, this is another example of when science catches up to fiction.

    Have a great weekend.

    Tony Eldridge
    Author of The Samson Effect

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