In today’s news: bill in Louisiana would allow teachers to “teach the controversy”

Full article may be found here.

One line I found slightly amusing was:

Supporters also noted the bill clearly states it can’t be used to promote any “religious doctrine.”

It’s going to be pretty darn difficult to keep religion separate in such circumstances when most promoters of these bills are pursuing this for religious reasons.


Mr. Stern said a survey of Louisiana public school science teachers a few years ago showed that many felt uncomfortable teaching evolution, global warming and other topics that “tend to be taught from only one perspective.” He said the bill’s aim isn’t to inject “intelligent design,” but to let teachers freely present the strengths and weaknesses of evolution and other topics, he said.

It doesn’t say WHY the teachers felt uncomfortable. Maybe they were uncomfortable because they feared the backlash from fundamentalists for teaching their children evolution.



One Response to “In today’s news: bill in Louisiana would allow teachers to “teach the controversy””

  1. So, are you suggesting that evolution doesn’t have any weaknesses?

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