UC Berkeley faces lawsuit over evolution website

The Christian Post published the following article today saying that UC Berkeley is being sued over it’s evolution website, a great website used for educational purposes. You can see the Berkeley site here.

Now, I’ll admit I have not read through their evolution site entirely. It is VERY large and comprehensive. However, I am simply not seeing the controversy stated in the article: that thte site endorses religious views that support evolution while deriding those that do not, thus constituting an illegal and public endorsement of religion by the university.

There are some links to NCSE’s site, which has a collection of religious statements about evolution. Other than that, I haven’t found anything else religious, but I know I may be overlooking it. Is anyone else seeing anywhere on this site where religion is ridiculed, derided, etc? I’m certainly not. Please point it out if I’m missing it.

I’ve found this site very helpful in class in the past, and I’d hate to see it go away.

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2 Responses to “UC Berkeley faces lawsuit over evolution website”

  1. cdavidparsons–I’ve marked your comment as spam. I’ve seen you posting these responses in many places on wordpress, including here.

  2. […] court sides with UC in evolution dispute As mentioned previously on my blog, UC Berkeley was threatened with a lawsuit over its wonderful educational evolution […]

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