What do we mean by theory, anyway?

Often people who don’t believe in evolutionary theory will attempt to dismiss it by saying, “It’s only a theory.”

I found this article rather unexpectedly this morning and even used it in my classes today. We just happen to be starting our evolution unit (yay!). It explains just what scientists mean when they use the word “theory” and why this argument against evolution is flimsy.

Teacher tip: I read this aloud to my students each period. I prefaced it by saying, “I found this article this morning and was going to quickly type up some questions to go along with it for your assignment, but I decided just to read it to you aloud instead.” Grateful cheers erupted, and then I actually had their attention. Suckers! 😉

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3 Responses to “What do we mean by theory, anyway?”

  1. barryweber Says:

    I wish I’d have read this an hour ago! I could have saved some time! I’m marking your blog for return visits- good stuff!

  2. […] are “just theories”–that’s the part that really kills me.  As I’ve written about before, there seems to be a lack of understanding in the general public about what a “theory” […]

  3. what do we mean by theory?

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