Can a Christian believe in evolution?

Interesting article…read the entire thing here. Especially found the following interesting:

Some Christians think belief in evolution undermines the uniqueness of humankind and the reality of evil and the fall. Not so. The Genesis account portrays Adam and Eve as Neolithic farmers. It is perfectly feasible that God bestowed His image on representative Homo sapiens already living in the Near East to generate what John Stott has called Homo divinus, those who first enjoyed personal fellowship with God but who then fell most terribly from their close walk with God (Genesis 3.8). All those who disobey God and trust in their own wisdom in place of God’s law reiterate the historical fall in their own being (Ezekiel 28.11-19).

Those many Christians today who are active in the biological sciences are amazed as we uncover God’s creative actions in our daily research. We do not look for God in the gaps in our scientific knowledge, but instead worship God for the whole of His created order, including those remarkable evolutionary processes that God has used for His creative purposes.

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