I’ve been censored!

The other day I came across this blog.  I read the following post and watched the You Tube clip and then responded to many of Stein’s statements in the comments.  Unfortunately I don’t have a copy of it, and it isn’t on the internet archives (I guess those don’t show up for some time, and I’m not sure how that works with blogs anyway).  But it was my typical response:  here’s Stein’s quote, here’s what’s wrong with it, and so on.  I don’t feel it was disrespectful to the blogger in any way.   

 When checking “My Comments” in my Global Dashboard today, I didn’t see it.  It was definitely there the other day.

 So I went back to the blog to look and lo and behold, my comment is gone. 

I noticed the other day that Matt from Matt’s Notepad (see blogroll) had also replied in the Expelled super trailer post.  His comment seems to have disappeared as well.

So…since the post I had replied to was titled “Freedom of Speech Means Everyone Gets a Voice”…I just had to reply again.

 Here’s my reply and a screencap, too.  Let’s see what happens.  🙂 speech.jpg

  • Hmm…I posted a comment here recently, and I read some comments by others who had replied to the other Expelled post…Any particular reason they were all deleted?I mean, hey it’s your blog…but…if freedom of speech means everyone gets a voice, like you’re pointing out above…well, I think you get my point.
  • Maybe I’ve lost my mind and those comments are still there, but I sure can’t find them.  Let me know, please, if I have lost my mind.  Thanks!  🙂

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    7 Responses to “I’ve been censored!”

    1. Yes, I notice that a great many creationist/ID blogs love to delete comments or simply don’t let them pass through moderation.
      Whereas I’ve never seen an Atheist or Evolution blog do such based on opinion.

    2. They can’t take it, AND… er well, they can’t really dish it out very well either.

    3. Yep, noticed the same thing here. Doesn’t bother me too much because I figure if they delete it it must have annoyed them, and that makes it worth it anyway.

    4. Yes you are loosing your mind. Your comments are right there.

    5. Heh. Someone should really start up a list of all those blogs and such which delete comments without good reason and such.
      Here’s another site that indulges in the tactic of deleting comments when provided evidence that they’re wrong is just too much for them to take:

      I had at least two comments deleted which went through point by point, entirely civilly without insult or harsh words, why what they were saying was wrong. I also noted some other comments proving them wrong from other people were removed.

    6. How does one “loose” their mind, anyway? 😉

    7. donstuff Says:

      I’m assuming when you loose your mind, it is because it was on too tight, thus the need to “loose” it.

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