I guess “Expelled” reviews made me a featured blog!!!

featured.jpgLook!  I’m a featured blog in the evolution tag today on WordPress.  So proud…I even took a screencap of it.  🙂  Seriously, though, read on for the MORE important posts.  🙂


4 Responses to “I guess “Expelled” reviews made me a featured blog!!!”

  1. Wow, now your post about how your post was featured… is featured.

  2. Lol, yeah didn’t know it would do that…I’m sure it’s a totally random process of how they’re picked anyway. But it’s still fun to see your name up there. 🙂

  3. The topic does seem to have boosted all our blog hits, it’s crazy. Though I have to admit I am rather chuffed that my “why it’s a load of bunk” entry comes up right near the top of a google search for Expelled reviews. Heh!

  4. Yep. Though frankly, I’m a little disappointed that some decidely third tier scienceblogs like my own are at the top of the google results for the movie’s searchwords instead of more authoritative, well known blogs and resources. Expelled Exposed, for instance, should be a top result on an “expelled movie” search. Instead, the only pro-science articles don’t even come until the second page, and the top two are a digg of Phil Plait (and not even his original blog post: a link to a digg) and a blog post of mine that doesn’t even really discuss the film directly.

    We need a more unified effort to promote our core response resources so that when ordinary people search for information about the film, they get a clear, concise debunking asap.

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